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PAD’s Nationwide Network of Deaf Community
Following is the Map of Pakistan showing our associate organizations, marked with green circles, from all over Pakistan.

Visit or associates organizations’ websites
P.A.D. has a good network at national level. We have around 12 associations of the deaf, affiliated with us from all around Pakistan. P.A.D is planning to expand and make this network stronger in future. For this reason we are making PAD’s website as an umbrella website so you can find all related information about our affiliated member organizations.

In near future we will make websites for our associated organizations or add few pages in our website for each of following assocaited organization;

1. Larkana
2. Shahadkot
3. Jacobabad
4. Sukkur
5. Sanghar
6. Pind Dadan Khan
7. Lahore
8. Sargodha
9. Bahawalpur
10. Hasilput
11. Baluchistan
12. Azad Kashmir

If any organizations of the Deaf like to join our net work, then please contact us at following address either by email, fax or post. Once receive your request we will send you the registration form and other information.

News & Announcement

Sign Language Committee

PAD promotes the natural language of the deaf (Sign Language). Sign language committee at PAD has been working since many years and has published 5 books on Pakistan.Sign Language. PAD has also developed a CD on Pakistan Sign Language in collaboration with IUCN/SDNPK

5 Feb, 2013

Public Awaraness Programs

PAD not only organizes different social events for public awareness, but also arranges seminars and programs for the cause. So far we have arranged walks on the Rights of persons with disabilities, seminar on Right of access to information, Right of driving and also celebrated Aids Day, Children's
Day, Independence Day etc.

5 Feb, 2013

PAD's Computer Literacy Center

At PAD’s Computer Literacy Center, deaf teachers teaches deaf students using Sign Language. Here we teach office automation, Email + internet, presentation skills and graphics tools. A number of deaf students who learned I.T. courses at PAD got jobs in different

5 Feb, 2013

English Language Course

Since start PAD realized the importance of English Language and started providing the training of English language course to deaf students. After the emergence of communication tools (Email, SMS, instant messaging software) more and more deaf people became interested in English Language course, as this gave them freedom to communicate with worldwide deaf community. Moreover these latest communication tools are effectively utilized in English language.

5 Feb, 2013

Donors & Well Wishers

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