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Finding & Survey Report
Finding & Survey Report
Deaf persons in remote areas
(Education, Communication, Employment and Family Life)

No. of Surveyors: 02
Interviewer:      Mr. Mansoor Majeed
Cameraman:      Mr. Ismail Ahmed
People in remote areas are lacking quality education, communication, employment and other facilities. Their sign language is also not good. There are no schools or a very few number of schools for the Deaf in these areas. It is very difficult for the Deaf community to have education. Therefore, these all facts inspired PAD to conduct the survey.

Kandh Kot
Sita (Dadu)

Rahim Yar Khan


The name of deaf association of Khanpur is “Madina Deaf and Dumb Welfare Special Education Academy”. It is a registered organization. It works privately without any support from the government. The aim of association is to establish new schools and to teach embroidery, tailoring and computer skills to deaf persons. A request has been filed to government for the donation of computers. Madina Deaf and Dumb Welfare Special Education Academy has 14 executive committee members and around 50 general members. There are only two schools in Khanpur that are imparting education to deaf children. There are currently no interpreters working with the organization. Two teachers are performing this duty to some extent. Madina Deaf and Dumb Welfare Special Education Academy arranges marriages of deaf men and women and also participates in extracurricular and recreational activities. Most families do not know sign language and as a result they are unable to communicate effectively with their deaf child. This results in the isolation of deaf child.
Madina Deaf and Dumb Welfare Special Education Academy hopes to start programs like embroidery, tailoring and computer literacy etc in future. GO TO UP

There are different deaf associations working in Multan but there is a lack of quality and leadership skills. The president of Pakistan Association of the Deaf and an official from Bahawalpur Deaf Welfare Society guided a deaf person about the procedure of establishment of a new association. Mr. Irfan highlighted the core issues like lack of quality education, unemployment and unavailability of interpreters to be solved after the establishment of new association

Members of Muzzafar Garh association were confused about PAD’s survey but the team assured them that the purpose of survey is to gain knowledge about the problems of deaf community. This would certainly help us in getting our voice to the government. Muzaffar Garh association wants to work hard and excel but they don’t have enough resources and support.

Welfare Association for the Deaf and Dumb Hasilpur is working on rented premises and association is trying to arrange their own place. Mr. Shahid Rasool is supporting the association. But there is a need of much more support. Welfare Association for the Deaf and Dumb has a sign language interpreter with them and the association is working hard. A computer lab, class room and Islamic education center is also present at the office of association. Computer lab’s room area is big but the lab has only four computers. Association has established a vocational centre in another building where vocational training is imparted to deaf persons and after the completion of their training they are awarded job at the center. In this way they can lead a better life. Total number of staff is 8. Staff is doing its best to work for the association but salary package is not sufficient. Welfare Association for the Deaf and Dumb Hasilpur has many plans for the future but the main problem is of limitation of funds. For sustainability, regular support from individual donors and companies is must. In this way the problems of the deaf community could be solved.

The name of Deaf association of Rahim Yar Khan is “Sir Syed Deaf Association” and the name of president is Mr. Ikram. There are 19 executive committee members and 200 general deaf members. Aim of the association is to impart computer education and to establish tailoring center for the women. Three deaf associations and two deaf schools are working in Rahim Yar Khan but the quality is not so good. Currently the association has no intrepreter. There were two interpreters that were working voluntarily but they left. It is very necessary to hire interpreters because interpreter serve as a bridge between hearing and deaf persons. And for this purpose continuous support is needed. Sir Syed Deaf Association arrange marriages, sports and other recreational activities for the Deaf.

Literacy rate in Kandh Kot is very low. One of the reasons is that people are very poor. Around 200 deaf people live in Kandh Kot. There are 35 male members. Marriage ratio among hearing and deaf persons is high and these marriages are proving successful. Deaf from Kandh Kot have the plans to start new association and educational program but for this sustainable support is needed.

There is a deaf association in Thal that is working privately. Government is also helping them on monthly basis. Space for the association was provided by the government on temporary basis. DCO is also help the association and is giving Rs. 3000/- monthly. 20 members, 30 students are 1 teacher is associated with the association. Teacher is paid Rs. 3000/- month which is not sufficient. Basic literacy education is imparted to the children. No tuition fee is charged from the children. Most of the people are poor and can’t afford to purchase books. Therefore, association helps them in this regard. There is no school for the deaf in Thal. People are willing to educate their deaf children but they can’t afford the expenses of transport. Generous people and organizations should think over it and help Thal association in this regard so that the deaf children would also benefit from education. The association has an interpreter with them. The condition of association’s building is very bad as it was set to fire by some people in the month of December 2007.

Jafferabad is a remote area and the people are less aware. Literacy rate is also very low. At the time of establishment of the association there were only 20 members but now association has 7 executive committee members and about 100 deaf members. Association has hired a hearing teacher on Rs. 3000/- monthly. Urdu is taught to the children up to class 2. Association arranges the marriages of deaf males with hearing females.

Mr. Sirajuddin Soomro was the founder of “Deaf and Dumb Welfare Association Jacobabad”. Now he is working as General Secretary of the Association. Mr. Aijaz Abro is the new president. The aim of association is to work on education, employment, support and progress of deaf community. Association has the plans to start tailoring, embroidery and other technical programs. There is a government school for the deaf in Jacobabad but it is only up to sixth grade and the education quality is also not good.

The name of deaf association in Larkana is “Larkana Association of the Deaf”. LAD is a NGO with 7 executive committee members and 165 deaf members (boys = 130, girls = 35). At LAD there are 30 students. The aim of LAD is to teach and promote the Deaf community by imparting education, tailoring, embroidery and computer training. LAD also refers deaf persons to the government for job. There are four schools in Larkana but children are very weak in their studies. Teachers do not know sign language therefore they are unable to teach deaf children effectively. There is only one interpreter in Larkana. LAD arranges marriages for the deaf. LAD also offers sports and recreational program for the deaf. There is a ladies training center at Larkana Association of the Deaf where persons with different disabilities are given vocational training. LAD is also running an embroidery center for the women. Women are trained on sewing machines, over-lock machines as well as embroidery machines.

Sita is a remote village of Dadu district. There is no club, association or school for the deaf in Sita. Most of the people are illiterate but some of the deaf are skilled workers and earning a good living. There are around 51 deaf persons in Sita. Pakistan Association of the Deaf trained a deaf girl from Sita. She has passed intermediate examination and is willing to work for the deaf community of her village. The main need is of a place where deaf association can be started.

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