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Basic Literacy Course
Sign Language Course
Summer Course
Public Awareness Programs Helping Affiliated Organizations
Job Placement Marriage Affairs of the Deaf
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PAD's Computer Literacy Center

At PAD’s Computer Literacy Center, deaf teachers teaches deaf students using Sign Language. Here we teach office automation, Email + internet, presentation skills and graphics tools. A number of deaf students who learned I.T. courses at PAD got jobs in different companies.

Basic Literacy Course

Since long PAD has been offering basic literacy course to deaf children and adults who were not able to go to formal school for some reasons. In this course we teach basic Urdu, English, Math etc. The aim of this program is to fight against illiteracy and make them able to read, write and understand Urdu/English at some level. 

English Language Course

Since start PAD realized the importance of English Language and started providing the training of English language course to deaf students. After the emergence of communication tools (Email, SMS, instant messaging software) more and more deaf people became interested in English Language course, as this gave them freedom to communicate with worldwide deaf community. Moreover these latest communication tools are effectively utilized in English language.

Sign Language Course

Deaf community lives with hearing community; we always encourage hearing people to learn sign language and break the barrier of communication to support us in building an inclusive society. PAD always welcomes hearing people who want to learn sign language for either reason (for becoming teacher of the deaf or communicating with their deaf children or relatives etc). Our sign language course is open for all hearing people.

Sign Language committee

PAD promotes the natural language of the deaf (Sign Language). Sign language committee at PAD has been working since many years and has published 5 books on Pakistan Sign Language. PAD has also developed a CD on Pakistan Sign Language in collaboration with IUCN/SDNPK.

Summer Course

In summer vacations PAD offers packages that include help in education problems, fun time with computer, artwork and recreational tours.

Public Awareness Programs

PAD not only organizes different social events for public awareness, but also arranges seminars and programs for the cause. So far we have arranged walks on the Rights of persons with disabilities, seminar on Right of access to information, Right of driving and also celebrated Aids Day, Children's Day, Independence Day etc. 

Helping Affiliated Organizations

PAD has many affiliated member organizations. Most organizations are from rural areas. PAD always encourages them to come out freely, and share information with others. We are also encouraging them to set up computer literacy center in their centers/clubs. In this connection, we have also offered training to their key persons. PAD also supports poor and needy deaf individuals through Zakat fund.

Job Placement

Finding job is really a hard task for some people, especially for people with disabilities. PAD has always tried to help deaf people in finding jobs so that they can earn some income and live independently. In past, we were able to help some deaf people in finding job by convincing companies to help deaf people. But at the same time we feel that there is lot more to do in this field, we are planning a new strategy (skill + job) and hoping that this strategy will helps us in future. KFC Restaurant opened a branch for the first time in Pakistan that is run and maintained by deaf persons. KFC experienced it in Malaysia and then in Pakistan. Deaf persons from PAD were selected to work at KFC and they are performing their duties well.

Marriage Affairs of the Deaf

We have a women wing to look after deaf women affairs. Marriage counseling and match making is one of the responsibility of women wing. Deaf + Deaf marriages are more successful but as deaf are less in number than hearing community, their families feel difficulties in finding appropriate match for their deaf children. Parents of deaf girls face more problems in finding a trustworthy match. Many deaf girls become overage just because of unavailability of suitable match. PAD, being an association of the deaf, feel the responsibility to help parents of these deaf children. In past we arranged many successful marriages of deaf boys and girls as we are willing to help more and more families.

Recreational Programs

PAD always takes care of needs for healthy mind. Healthy body is must for healthy mind, so we try to provide our members and their families some happy moments. These recreational tours not only give them relaxation but also bring these families more closer that helps in finding new friends and opportunities for making matches for their deaf relatives.

  • 2008
  • PAD launched Second deaf computer learning center in Pakistan for the Deaf
  • 2005
  • Became member of Asia Pacific Development Center on Disability (APCD)
  • 2005
  • Hosted friendly cricket match between deaf cricket       team of PAD    and India to promote Love, Peace, and Friendship. PAD won the match
  • 2004
  • After 2 years (started in 2002) of long efforts, published 5 books on PSL, also 1st time in history, introduce Urdu grammar in PSL was introduced for the first time in history by a dynamic deaf person (present president Mr. Irfan Mumtaz) to help the deaf student in learning Urdu language.
  • 2003
  • PAD sign language committee developed signs for environment related terms and held nation wide seminar to standardize these sign and raise awareness about Environment protection in collaboration with IUCN
  • 2003
  • Developed 1st I.T. based learning tool (CD) on Pakistan Sign Language in collaboration with IUCN
  • 2002
  • interpreted President of Pakistan’s speech on Independent day, 14th August 2002. This gave the great  pleasure to the deaf community of Pakistan.
  • 2002
  • PAD arranged “ABILYMPICS” for the deaf at PAD Special Park
  • 2002
  • PAD held first National Seminar on Pakistan Sign Language (PSL)
  • 2000
  • PAD launched first computer literacy center in Pakistan for the Deaf
  • 1998
  • Became member of World Federation of the Deaf (WFD)
  • March 2008
  • Seminar on Human Right for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) in the light of United Nation’s Convention on Human Right.(Chief Guest Mr. Zaigham M. Rizvi – Chairman HBFC, Dr. Saira Bano – Administrator Kalia Group, Mr. Daud Moosa Desai – DSI Group)
  •  December 2007
  • Celebrated International Day of Disabled Person – Theme: Decent Work (Chief Guest City Nazim – Syed Mustafa Kamal, Guest of Honor Mr. Abdul Haseeb Khan, Mr. Yasin Malik – Hilton Pharma, Mr. S. M. Munir, Mr. Masood Naqi – Chairman KATI, Mirza Ikhtiar Baig)

  •  October 2007
  • Celebrated 20th Anniversary of PAD (Chief Guest Niab Nazim, guest of honor Mr. Zaigham M. Rizvi, Mr. Abdul Haseeb Khan, and Mr. Abdul Majeed Zkaria CEO Zkaria Securities, Muhammad Nusrat Vohra – SEVP & Group Chief-NBP)
  •  June 2007
  • 3rd seminar on Right of Driving (Chief Guest – Minster Environment )
  •  April 2007
  • Gathering of deaf community and their friends (Chief Guest Mr. Zaigham M. Rizvi Chairman HBFS, and Mr. Abdul Haseeb Khan President Brooks Phrma)
  •  September 2006
  • Women wing of PAD arranged a gathering and informative (AIDS, Cousin marriage, etc.) program were held at PC hotel. Chief guest was Naib Nazim Ms. Nasreen Jalil.
  •  July 2006
  • PAD arranged a seminar on “information accessibility" and assistive devices for the person with disabilities, in collaboration with Thai and Japanese expert from Asia-Pacific Development Center on Disability (APCD)
  •  June 2006
  • PAD arrange a seminar and a walk on “right of driving” for deaf community, in which Deputy Home Secretary, DIG Traffic Capt. Falak Khurshid agreed to support our opinion, and Dr. Faisullah Mri, Mr. Zia Awan Advocate, spoke in favor of deaf community.
  •  March 2006
  • Arranged awareness raising seminar on “Access to information – Web accessibility for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs)”
  •  March 2006
  • Visited rural areas of Sindh and Kashmir for expanding the network and for surveying the situation of the deaf community there.
  •  December 2005
  • Our advisor / special project coordinator attended seminar arranged by APCD on earthquake as a resource person, arranged by APCD and gave presentation on the communication difficulties.
  •  December 2005
  • Brought city’s deaf cricket clubs together to play friendly matches. The aim was to raise understanding and friendship than conflicts.
  •  September 2005
  • Sent 2 people to support Int’l program (CBSHOD) preparations and two trainees to attend CBSHOD.
  •  June 2005
  • Extended hand of friendship toward other disabled people (blind, physically challenged, etc.) and supported them for “an evening with person with disabilities (PWDs)”. The idea was to learn the difficulties faced by different type of disabiled and help one another, and make joint movement for the right of persons with disabilities.
  •  June 2005
  • After preparing research file on issue of “Driving License for the deaf” we arranged a meeting with Home Ministry. This made the Govt. of Sindh to give serious attention to the issue.
  •  March 2005
  • 1st time hosted a friendly cricket match between Indian and Pakistani deaf youth under theme of “Love, Peace and Friendship” at PAD’s park. PAD won the match.
  •  April 2008
  • 3rd time hosted by Bawalpur Deaf Welfare Society
  •  April 2007
  • 2nd time hosted by Sargodha Deaf Welfare Society
  •  April 2006
  • 1st time hosted by Karachi Deaf Association
  • 1999
  • First Asia-Pacific Camp for the Deaf in Malaysia
  • 2001
  • Visited Italy to celebrate 50th Anniversary of World Federation of the Deaf (WFD)
  • 2002
    • Deaf Way II in USA  
    • WFD RS/AP Representative Meeting in Japan
  • 2003
  • World Congress of the WFD in Canada
  • 2004
    • WFD RS/AP Representative Meeting in Indonsaia
    • Hong Kong
    • Thailand
  • 2006
    •  WFD RS/AP YOUTH in Japan
    •  WFD RS/AP Representative Meeting in Macau in China
    • WASLI / AP Representative Meeting
  • 2007
  • World Congress of the WFD through Human Right to Sign Language in Spain


    you are cordially invited to this semiar on Sing Language Books

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